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 Dresden / Johannstadt 
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In the attic floor of a Wilhelminian house this masterpiece of inner architecture and design is located.

The generous split-level apartment offers a breatht-taking view over Dresden.

The indoor nobel, but simply design is determined by natural materials. The bathroom and entrance floor is made of natural stone, in the living and bedrooms are high quality solid wood floors

In the upper floor the living area is located. The new eat-in kitchen with integrated appliances has a large American fridge/ freezer with a polished stainless steel front. This gives a nice contrast to the dark wooden floor in the seating area.

The upper floor still includes the original roof beams. These original feathers are combined with the architecture of the rooms, so the colour of these roof beams continue in the colour of the floor covering.

The rest of the kitchen furniture is kept in a simple white coloured way. So this furniture will adapt to any colourful accents you might like to have in the kitchen.  
Also this simple white coloured furniture just intensifies the elegance of that room.

From the living room you are entering into the sunny located balcony by a glass door.

There is an electric shading system, so the isolation can be arranged individually.
It is a flat with all technical refinements, like an installed sound system, which can be operated from the living room.

The two bathrooms are fully equipment.
The lining on the walls is made by naturally stone pattern (part of it is made of Bisazza- tiles)
as it is on the floor covering. The bathrooms comes with an underfloor heating .

The cupboards are a good piece of craftwork, done by a cabinetmaker individual for that bathroom.
A special experience is given with the whirlpool and the shower with rainfall effects.

All these exclusive details making that flat as a pleasure full living space and just brighten up the day.
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