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The “Grünes Gewölbe” (Green Vault) attracts again visitors / 04.10. 06

Since last Friday the „Historisches Grüne Gewölbe“ (Historic Green Vault) is open for the public and worth to be visited.

It is an exhibition with over 4.000 objects of the Wettin prince deriving of the Renaissance to the Classicism. The “Gewölbe” was restored in the last couple of years. Now it shows its beautifulness of the time of August the Strong (1670-1733).

It is situated in the “Residenzschloss” near the Semperopera.

You have the possibility to buy your tickets online: Online Booking

Here you can find one of the most beautiful exhibits www.dresden-und-sachsen.de

Have an interesting journey to the magnificent past of Saxony!

In autumn it is time to celebrate the vintage / 04.10. 06

In Radebeul the celebration of the vintage takes place from 22nd until the 24th of September. Friday evening begins with an inaugural parade leading by the wine princess. A total of 30 winemakers are present. You will also find musicians, jugglers, theatre groups and lost more.


For more information www.weinfest-radebeul.de

Open air cinema on the riverbank Elbe / 03.08. 06

A definite highlight every summer is the open air cinema in Dresden with an exceptionally scenery. It counts approximately 150.000 visitors every year watching well known and less well known film. Find more information of the program at www.filmnächte-am-elbufer.de You can also buy tickets at the following cash points

     - Florentinum Hotline 0351-86 66 00

     - Saxticket Hotline 0351-803 87 44

     - Schillergalerie Hotline 0351-31 58 70

The village fair of Dresden / 15.07. 06

You definitely have a look to the village fair in Dresden on the weekend. You can go by the Ferris wheel or enjoy the medieval market or attend one of the offers in sports and playing.You find more information on http://www.dresden.de


The beginning of spring / 01.04. 06

Take your time cleaning your flat and say goodbye to the cold winter. It only needs some preparation and organization to carry out your spring-cleaning without wasting your time.

To bring the spring in your house, put some essential oil in the vacuum cleaner bag. Consequently, the delicate fragrance spreads all over the room.

Now you can decorate and enjoy your clean home.

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